Harrison Grade Neighborhood

Emergency Preparedness Group

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My Home Information

House #
Alternate Address
Equipment Generator   First Aid
Truck        Tractor
Chainsaw   Ladder(s)
Other Useful Equipment
GPS Coordinates for critical items These may be filled automatically from photos
Front Door
GPS Latitude GPS Longitude
Main Electrical Breaker
GPS Latitude GPS Longitude
Main Gate
Gate Code
GPS Latitude GPS Longitude Where the main property access is not close to the Front Door
Water Tank
Capacity (Gallons)
GPS Latitude GPS Longitude Stored water access point for firefighting
Propane tank Check this box if there is one
GPS Latitude GPS Longitude Propane tank shutoff valve
Stock Animals
Special Needs If there is anyone who has special needs, give a brief description
Phone House Landline (if any, otherwise leave blank)
Neighborhood group (Pod) Properties are grouped into Pods (or Neighborhoods) for mutual support
Images Photos of key items